Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tom’s New and Improved Website is BACK!

It is about time that I update my blog. I was planning to over the summer but I had a lot of shit going down. Such as travelling across Europe and finishing some overdue essays. I also had some other projects in mind but couldn’t be bothered. I am now though. However, before I write an official entry I got word from my friend Tom to edit his piczo site again and there was no way I was passing that opportunity.

If you are unaware of Tom’s New and Improved Website, I will give you the low down. Tom is a self absorbing ego maniac who lives in Gidea Park with Handy Andy from Changing Rooms, who he found hibernating in his next door neighbours garden, who is the musician and music maverick Beck. Tom has been on many adventures such as the time he helped out Girls Aloud; saving many lives from an escaped crocodile at the zoo; giving one of his many kidneys to Handy Andy in his time of need; curing the common cold; starting a Sunday League team with a bunch of South American children with Handy Andy; and making many music collaborations with Beck and the Pet Shop Boys. Tom has the uncanny ability to make the exact same facial expression in all his pictures. He also has been sporting the exact same haircut for donkey’s years.