Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Cup Predictions

Just a few weeks away for the greatest competition on the planet, and because I have a blog I thought I should share my knowledge with you all.

I know my next entry should have been my new cartoon, but I’m still working on it. Working on paint can be very tedious and I thought doing this will get me back into a typing mood for my end of term essays. Seriously though, most of the cartoon is done and it will be finished.

Group A

South Africa




Being the host nation is a major advantage and the host nation has always made it pass the first round in this competition. Look how well South Korea did in the 2002 world cup, they flipping got to the semi-finals. Who saw that? However, I’m sure this tradition won’t last forever and the best South Africa can do is third place I’m afraid. That’s if they can do better than Uruguay.

Mexico have always been a good side, but has never been up there with the big boys. Good enough though to make it past the group stage with a decent attack and Marquez leading them in defence. Mexico is the only nation to host the World Cup twice btw.

Uruguay are a fairly good team, with star player Diego Forlan playing the best football of his life in recent years and Martin Caceres making quite an impact at Juventus (before injury). However, (it will be tight) Mexico will do one better than them.

France is the clear favourites to top this group with a solid team filled with star players. Most of their goals come from midfield due to strikers such as Thierry Henry playing better for club than country. But I’m sure Gignac will do well as their target man and will attract a lot of attention from clubs, along with Yoann Gourcuff.

France will win the group and will advance with Mexico

Group B



South Korea


Despite their rather weak qualifying campaign I think Argentina will be a force in this World Cup. They were the best team in the last one. They arguably have the best attack in the tournament and Messi will have a brilliant World Cup and will retain his title of FIFA World Player of the Year. Their defence was their downfall during their qualifying campaign and would constantly get fucked by counter attacks. But with the call up of Walter Samuel due to his amazing season at Inter Milan, he will be their rock in the centre. I reckon they won’t win it though because I can’t take Maradona seriously. He is too offensive minded and will most likely be too stubborn with his tactics. Why he never called up Javier Zanetti and Cambiasso I will never know.

Nigeria are not the team they use to be and are no longer the force of Africa. A few stand out players like Yobo, Mikel and Yakubu, but I’m finding it hard to decide whether they are good enough to advance to the knock outs.

South Korea are probably the best team in Asia, but that is not saying much compared with Europe, South America and maybe even Africa. Unfortunately for them I think they are the weakest team in the group, but are capable of making an upset. However, in this case I don’t think it will be a good World Cup for them.

I honestly don’t know what to make of Greece. They had an easy qualifying group and don’t know much about their players. This is the reason why I am finding it difficult to decide who will advance behind Argentina in this group. Greece is the favourites to get the second spot and had some convincing wins in there qualifying campaign. Hmmm?

Argentina (BLOBS) will win the group and second will be....NIGERIA!!! There I said it. I’m taking a risk here, but I can see them doing it. COME ON YOU EAGLES!

Group C





A very convincing qualifying campaign and you can see how much of a difference Capello has made. We look very confident and are one of the favourites to go all the way. Rooney will be the key if we do as he is on his best form. I think Crouch will most likely play alongside him, but Rooney can deal with it himself. Furthermore we have a lot more pace in the team. Shame Beckham will miss the World Cup as he would have been the prefect super sub.

U.S.A. always seems to be improving. They did very well in the Confederation Cup. I guess they are country that is good at what they like due to their population and so many different cultures. And football seems to be getting more popular there.

Have you played 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa? Algeria are the top ranked country on the Online World Cup last time I checked, LOL! Anyway, I don’t think they are good enough to make it to the next round losing out to U.S.A.

Slovenia done really well to beat Russia in the play-offs, but their luck will run out and like Algeria will lose out to U.S.A. It is just a matter of pride between them and Algeria for third place. Apparently they can be quite frustrating.

England will win the group and will advance with U.S.A.

Group D





With Ballack gone Germany’s chances of going all the way are decreased. However, they will still do well. Their squad has a lot of fresh new talent, such as Jerome Boateng and Mesut Ozil, so they will be an interesting team to watch. Germany are very efficient, they are like a machine, and when it comes down to penalty shoot outs you know who will win. I’m sure they will have no problem advancing to the next round.

Australia done very well in the last World Cup and were unlucky to lose to that late penalty against Italy. However, apart from Germany, the other two countries in the group seem to be on par with them, and I think it will be tight with them and Serbia for second place. Other than that, they have a few good players that will shine, most likely going to be Cahill.

Serbia was my dark horse. Unfortunately, the way this World Cup is set out, I can’t see them going the distance. However, they are still going to turn some heads and show the world how good they are with players such as Vidic, Stankovic, and the half an inch taller than Crouch, Zigic. It seems to me that when Serbia and Montenegro split, Serbia got all the good players.

Ghana are a good side, but they will be relying a lot on Essien, the engine of the team. However, it won’t be enough to get them past the second round. Sorry Ghana, this group is too though for you.

Germany will win the group and advance with Serbia.

Group E





Everyone seems to like the Netherlands, and want them to do well. Well, they won’t! Most likely be knocked out in the second round. Brilliant midfield, with players like Sneijder and Robben, but they are lacking decent strikers. Van Persie may have to fill that role since Kuyt and Huntelaar haven’t had good seasons, but Van Persie has missed a lot of the season through injury and will be out of practice. Furthermore they don’t exactly have a strong defence.

There is a lot of talk that Denmark will do really well with a very convincing qualifying campaign, besting Portugal and Sweden. A team with a number of decent players with the likes of Agger and Jon Dahl Tomasson, and I can see them advancing to the next round.

Japan are a team that I don’t know much about. But I’m going to go with my gut and predict that they don’t make it past the group stage. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would agree.

Like Nigeria, Cameron are not the African force they once was. And like Ghana, they are relying on one player, that being Eto’o. They won’t be following their fellow African country Nigeria to the second round.

It is hard to decide which country will top the group, between Netherlands and Denmark, but I’m going to go with Netherlands because they will most likely have a superior goal difference.

Group F



New Zealand


In the last World Cup I thought Italy had the easiest run, and they have a very easy group. The main complaint with Italy is that they have a very old squad and are too defensive. Luca Toni was one of their best players in the last World Cup and I can’t see any of their strikers to have the same presents of him. Probably Rossi, but Luca Toni is the better target man. Other than that, they have a lot of talent and should never be written off.

Paraguay were very convincing during their qualifying campaign, besting the likes of Argentina. It is hard to call who will follow Italy to the next round between them and Slovakia. However, they did beat Brazil during qualifying. Paraguay had tougher competition

Pffft! New Zealand. Like they are going to do well. Best they can hope for is one point.

Like Paraguay, had a good qualifying campaign, but I can’t see them doing better. Best Slovakia can hope for is a draw against Paraguay, but Paraguay will most likely have a better goal difference.

Italy will win the group advancing with Paraguay.

Group G


Korea DPR

Ivory Coast


Brazil are the favourites to win it. They have won it the most time and are the only country to win it outside their continent. Along with Spain, they are brilliant in all areas. With the likes of Julio Cesar and Lucio in defence, and Kaka and Luis Fabiano in attack, they have to be the favourites.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! North Korea are so fucked. They are going to lose all their games and are going to get the Wooden Spoon.

In my opinion Ivory Coast are the most talented team in Africa, shame they are in a group with Brazil and Portugal. It was a shame as well in the last World Cup when they were in a group with Argentina and Netherlands. It is going to be the same story for them, another third place finish.

Portugal without Ronaldo are average. The reason they didn’t win their qualifying group is because Ronaldo was injured for most of it. If he got injured again Ivory Coast would stand a chance of progressing.

Brazil will win the group and advance with Portugal.

Group H





In my opinion, Spain are the best team in the world. They were so impressive during the Euro, something we haven’t seen from them before as they are normally underachievers. Once again, Spain gets a really easy group and should have no problem winning it, especially with the best strike partnership in the world, that being David Villa and Fernando Torres.

Like Greece, Switzerland had a very easy qualifying group, which they won, but they weren’t impressive in the Euros. I think Spain and Chile will be too much for them. They could get second place, but I reckon Chile will top them.

Don’t expect much from Honduras. There wasn’t much competition in their qualifying campaign. Like Japan, I don’t know much about them, but I reckon it is a safe bet that they won’t advance.

Chile will most likely get second place in this group. They finished second in their qualifying group behind Brazil so show some promise, more than Switzerland anyway. West Ham flop Luis Jimenez comes from Chile, and he didn’t make the preliminary squad, LOL!

Spain will win the group and will advance with Chile.

Last 16

France vs. Nigeria

France will win, but Nigeria won’t make it easy.

Argentina vs. Mexico

These two countries play each other again in the second round, and I think it will be the same story. Argentina will win, but it will be tough for them.

England vs. Serbia

This is why I’m no longer backing Serbia to be a dark horse, because I reckon England will keep their cool and win.

Germany vs. U.S.A.

Germany will show those yanks how to play soccer with a convincing win.

Netherlands vs. Paraguay.

This where Netherlands will fail, Paraguay for the win.

Italy vs. Denmark

There could be an upset here, but I reckon Italy will do enough to hold them and win on penalties, or win by a sneaky late goal.

Brazil vs. Chile

Chile will take this game very seriously and have a proper go at them. However, Brazil will just edge it.

Spain vs. Portugal

Ronaldo won’t be able to do enough to topple Spain, comfortable win for Spain.


France vs. England

This will be Rooney’s most clinical performance. He will be all over the French defence, while ours just does enough. England for the win.

Argentina vs. Germany

Germany aren’t as strong as they were in the last World Cup and Argentina will get their revenge.

Paraguay vs. Brazil

Again, a South American rivalry that Paraguay will really go for, but again, Brazil will edge it.

Italy vs. Spain

Spain will show the current champions who the best in Europe are. Spain for the win.


England vs. Brazil

My heart says England, but my head says Brazil. I can’t see us beating them.

Argentina vs. Spain

Spain will be able to maintain their attack, while raping their defence. Spain for the win.

Third Place Play-Off

England vs. Argentina

I can’t see Maradona taking this seriously, while Capello will. England will win third place. W00T!


Brazil vs. Spain

I reckon Spain will lose their bottle. BRAZIL ARE CHAMPIONS!!!

There you have it. I’ve been looking at other predictions and most are all roughly the same apart from a few matches. I don’t expect you to completely agree with it. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who think Netherlands will do really well and that Serbia and Nigeria won’t make it past the group stage.

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