Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brum is a Bastard.

Who remembers Brum? You know, that little yellow brummy car with the eyes for headlights, and he would sneak out of that old geezers workshop and get up to all sorts of mad adventures. Hang on! Brum? Brummy? I get it now. Not just because Brum is a car, but he lives in Birmingham. Here is a example off of Youtube...


There is one question that has bothered me since I first watched Brum. Is Brum a man or a woman? I know Brum is a car, so technically we should refer Brum as 'it'. However, I'm sure the target audience of the show would assume Brum to have a gender. Well, unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find a answer. Maybe children don't actually expect Brum to have a gender and it is just me. :/ Feel free to comment if you have any evidence. My comments are open to anyone.

What I do like about Brum is how he gets away with sneaking pass that old geezer every time he goes to his work bench. We the audience can hear its engine brumming away. He must be death in his old age. Another thing I don't understand about Brum is why does Brum have to keep himself a secret from the old geezer when everyone in town knows that he is a living car. Its just out of order. Just because he is a old geezer with alzheimer's, and is probably repainting the same car part at his work bench a different colour every day because he can't remember what colour he decided apon, everyone else sees that as a good enough reason to keep him in the dark. Bear outerz.

He probably does have the old alzheimer's. He always finds a new item in the back seat of Brum and doesn't see a pattern. Alzheimer's is a terrible condition, especially for the people around you. However, for you, I can imagine it not being that bad. Like, you wouldn't have a clue what going on and that your going to die. And life, will literally be full of surprises. Have I gone a bit too far there? Anyway, I guess I wouldn't like to get it. Some alzheimer's awareness woman once told me that the earliest age someone has been diagnosed with alzheimer's was 23. Fuck that shit, I'm going home.

I wouldn't say Brum was my favourite show as a child, it has always been Thomas the Tank Engine. Did you know that Thomas the Tank Engine is the most suitable show for autistic children, due to the different colours, numbers, and simple facial expressions of the trains. I suggest you mention that next time autism is the subject of conversation.

My music recommendation this post will be a special one as I will recommend two albums. The first album of the post is 'Years of Refusal' by Morrissey. Decent tunes and the lyrics are hilarious, full of shit that only Morrissey can come up with. Here are some examples:

“Mama, why did you do it? Mama, who drove you to it? Was it the pigs in gray suits persecuting you? Uncivil servants, unconcerned that's how they frighten you?”

“There's a naked man standing, laughing in your dreams. You know who it is. But you don't like what it means.”

“I was a small, fat child in a council house. There was only one thing I ever dreamed about. And Fate has just Handed it to me – whoopee”

There are plenty more, but these are the ones I can recall at the moment. Seriously though, it is a good album.

I'm sure you will be able to guess what the next album is, since it is one of the most anticipated this month. Furthermore, I presume you can see the album cover before reading this sentence. So... 'Invaders Must Die' by The Prodigy. I only just got it today so only listened to it once, but it is pretty immense. My favourite songs so far are 'Take Me to the Hospital' and 'Run with the Wolves'.

Catch yah on the flipside.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The New Adventures of Jesus

I DID IT! I finally made my own cartoon and you can watch it on Youtube...


I know the quality is shit but it is my first try. It is better than the Snowman one anyway. The Snowman film is unfortunately not available on Youtube any more, so if the upload of it on my blog doesn't work on your computer I'm sorry. However, as I said this is loads better.

I am also sorry about the lateness of my post. I have been busy doing a lot of reading. This includes A Clockwork Orange, which so far is the best book I have ever read.

For Music, I recommend Nine Inch Nail's album 'The Downward Spiral.' It is a bit of a hard album to get into and Trent Reznor can be a tad bit emo sometimes, but if you stick with it, it truly is a brilliant complex album. You should be satisfied.

And my song shall be 'Would?' by Alice in Chains, just because I love them.
It is the first song. The end of it always makes him grunge out. Every time.

My next post will be posted sooner this time, and will have more context to it. I shall leave you with some words from Chris Moyles...

“I'm a fat cunt.”

Cheers Chris.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Horney Snowman. 2

**For some reason my latest post is not working on a number of computers. I believe it was the dodgey uploading of blogger. So, here it is again, but with a link to the video on youtube.**


Because it was snowing in Britain, my university peers and I decided to make a snowman. When finished we decided it looked like a rapist. Well I did anyway. So, came the idea of a short movie of our snowman chatting up a nearby snowman/snow-woman made by some girls. I wouldn't call the movie brilliant, due to the lack of pictures. However, it's a start. You should take into account that the Rapist Snowman is behind the Snow-woman.

My friend Michael supplied the pictures, which meant I had to make it a Trow Production, but once you see the ending I'm sure you will realise that I didn't mind. Even though I made all of it myself on Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is actually quite simple. Maybe I shall make a cartoon for all of you to watch. How exciting.

I don't think this post is big enough to have my music selections of the week. Just listen to some Joy Division.

Keep rolling.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009